Hilarious Comics That Will Make All Girls Say ‘That’s Me’

Lives of girls are as complicated and screwed up as that of guys. It’s just that what you see most of the times is a typical, sophisticated and complex mannered person but in reality, when you’re close to each other, you know the hilarious truth. In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a girl, or if you’re a girl and ever wanted to know if some of the oddities of your day-to-day life were normal Comic artist and illustrator Meg Quinn has a hilarious and honest Instagram page, @artbymoga, where she shares comics inspired by her life and the general trials and tribulations of being a girl.


Here are some of the comic representations by Meg that might just make your day:

1. Tanning is not visible easily…

comics on girls

2. Sleep is the most important thing in life!

comics on girls

This actually applies to both the genders but since boys live like monsters in any of the above cases, it is more relatable to girls.

3. Thursday Goals.

comics on girls

The sense of responsibility in girls are damn too much!

4. Selfies are always a must.

comics on girls

Plus all the crazy faces like comics and the filters and the stupidity in those photos.

5. Food Love 😍😍😍

comics on girls

This happens with me on a daily basis but after all the chips are so tasty, I can’t help it!

6. Agreed.

comics on girls

Most of the times it’s the permanent outfit of girls!

7. Long baths.

comics on girls

Guys have a special hate towards baths whereas on the other hand girls have a special affection towards bathing and waste a whole lot of time just sitting in that small bath tub.

8. Do you like Me?

comics on girls

Why do girls always forget even when they are in a relationship and start thinking if their partner doesn’t like them.

9. Christmas came early!

comics on girls

Christmas songs are mostly the most boring, oldest and the most classical ones. So, yeah! you have a right to get angry at her.

10. Vegetable issues.

comics on girls

Ketchup might feel bad after this insult.

11. Horror Fear!

comics on girls

Seriously Girls! Why you always do this? You’re the one who initiates the plan of a horror movie and gets excited, and then get scared in mid movie.

12. Helping nature.

comics on girls

You might not care about your own life problems but when he has problems, you’re gonna run towards him to help him out.

So, these were some of the comics on girls by Meg Quinn, you can find more on her Instagram account and donate to her work. Hope these were relatable to you in every way possible.