Check These Catastrophic Ways To Propose Your Significant Other

Many people have come up with some interesting and creative ways to propose their significant other. They always want their significant other to feel special and try to make the occasion memorable. However, sometimes the way they propose turns out to be a total blunder because of the catastrophic ways they use.


Here are 12 of the most catastrophic ways to propose your significant other

1. The Pizza Proposal

I have mixed feelings about this proposal. This proposal is indeed one of the catastrophic ways. Who doesn’t like a free pizza? You may get a rejection but your pizza will never get a rejection.

propose catastrophic ways


2. The department store proposal

Out of all the places in the world, this guy chose a departmental store to propose his girl. You can clearly see how excited the girl is. Well, this might be a strategic decision. Since they would need to visit the department store more often post marriage,

propose catastrophic ways

3. The disgraceful underwear proposal

This girl just decided to put a few of her sexiest pics on the billboard in her city. Along with the guy it was intended to, she received a thousand other applications. Now, she is just busy with the screening process.

propose significant other

4. The washroom proposal 

This guy chose one of the most beautiful places to propose his girlfriend. I really liked the way he played with the word Dumper. Also, even the case which holds the ring looks like a commode.

propose catastrophic ways

5. The cow milk proposal

I know why he chose this animal. It is definitely because of its large surface area. After all, can anything be more romantic than a spray painted cow?
propose catastrophic ways
6. The McProposal

Who would even say not to such a proposal? This is such a happy proposal. He literally put an expensive ring in a burger. Way to go, man.

propose catastrophic ways

7. The bicolour graffiti propose

Though his life is dull and colourless, this guy actually took the trouble to write a propose note for his girlfriend in 2 colours.

propose catastrophic ways

8. The meme proposal

Yes, you can definitely haz her hand in marriage if you are ready to give up all the money you haz.

propose catastrophic ways

9. The permanent tattoo proposal

When you are sure that the girl you are proposing to is not going to reject your proposal in any condition. Also, I wonder, is he going to update the tattoo like people update facebook status? Cheers for his determination.

propose catastrophic ways

10. The V for Vendetta Proposal

But she still doesn’t know who this guy is. Well, he did all this for absolutely nothing.

propose catastrophic ways

11. The toilet break in proposal

This guy spent 40 years with her but could not wait for a couple of minutes. He could have at least waited for her to get done with the poop thing.

propose catastrophic ways

12. The iPhone proposal

This guy proposed his girlfriend with a heart made of 99 iPhones. Even after such a grand proposal, she said no.

propose catastrophic ways