15 Hilarious Tweets Only A Real Foodie Will Understand

Remember, there are two kinds of people in the world. Not good or bad, but a foodie and not a foodie. That is some nice wisdom you got there. However, if you are a foodie then you are in some good luck over here. Food and a good laugh are all that a foodie wants. We cannot assure you about food but here are 15 hilarious tweets that are you going to bring a broad smile on your face for sure!


tweets on a foodie

1. Isn’t this exact depiction of how we cook spinach?

No matter how much we try, cooking spinach will remain one of the toughest tasks ever.

2. The Ultimate Solution

Smoke detectors can save lives but ruin meals at times, every foodie can relate to this situation.

Billion dollar idea.

A smoke detector that shuts off when you yell “I’m just cooking!”

3. Small Apartments Suck, Don’t They?

This is the hard truth that you should accept if you live in a small apartment.

4. Best Way Of Letting People Know How Much Busy You Are

Bakers don’t really need to type, they deal in pictures, as cool as ever.

5. Hungry And Lazy Vibes

That moment when you are feeling lazy and gourmet at the same time.

6. Just How Much Accurate Is This?

Give this the best and most handy pasta cooking guide award already.

How to cook the perfect amount of pasta:
1. Pour out how much you think you need
2. Wrong

7. The Ultimate Gourmet Pickup Line

The best way of picking up on a girl in a gourmet way.

8. The Best Advice

How to avoid getting angry? How to prevent a meltdown? Recite these lines, too easy.

Don’t ever piss off a master chocolatier… They’re known for their temper :3

9. Cook Jokes Never Go Out Of Fashion

When cooks try to joke, they hit it at the right point.

10. The Wait Kills Us Every DAMN Time!

Just how long should a foodie wait to get his hands on food? Even 10 minutes sounds like 10 years.

11. It Hurts When Bay… Bae Leaves

The only spice that could bring sadness to your face.

12. The On The Mark Prediction

The walk-in cooler just narrated the life of every foodie, how can you resist yourself?

13. Just So Lost

Maybe I should go for cheese, or maybe something else, wait, why did I come here anyway?

That moment you realise you have forgotten what you came in to the fridge for

14. Cheese Equals Irresistible

Every damn time you grate cheese, you crave for eating it, as it is said, for every foodie, cheese is irresistible.

15. That Should’ve Hurt

Who cares if it is split in half, just eat it unconditionally.