10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes

Tagged as one of the best dating app, Tinder has a user base of over millions of people constantly swiping left/right (if you’re a boy, left is not an option). Due to its adaptable features and smooth access, there’s a high chance you will find a potential partner. But with a number of people in competition, it’s hard grasping the attention of the one you wish for, which eventually can make swiping and conversing feel pointless.


So there are hacks, right?

Of course. And by Tinder hacks we don’t mean you will start receiving instant right swipes. But yes, chances of grabbing the attention of ‘the one’, will increase for sure. Follow these 12 Tinder Hacks for being noticed.

1. Your Bio.

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


What do you see when you visit someone’s profile on Tinder?
Of course the photo.
But what fascinates you?
Of course the Bio.
A well written and a point-to-point bio, with a pinch of humour is way more intriguing than the pictures themselves. It is a key factor in determining whether or not there will be a increase in your right swipes. It forms the basis of Tinder Hacks.

2. Message first if you are a Guy!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


Men and women experience things quite differently on Tinder. While woman play the safe game, men are known to shower right swipes to every other profile they encounter. Even after all this hassle, when they finally receive one “It’s a match”, they won’t message first.
A dating consultant who once received 2,015 matches, stated that only 30% men initiated. The rest were maybe, intimidated by the thought of “how or why to initiate”. Remember, no woman will ever message you first, even if you’re the hottest guy in the town!

3. Like more pages on Facebook!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


Tinder displays people who have liked pages similar to you. It is a good way to identify profiles with common interests. Further, this one of the many Tinder Hacks, eliminates the pressure of having a good bio. You can pile up the list of your favourite TV shows, films, and all the other things that fascinates you, and start liking their pages on Facebook. It will eventually reflect more about you and your interests.

4. Choose right photos!

10 Simple Tinder Hacks To Get More Right Swipes


Worrying about which photos you should put on as a display, is not an option. Choose photos in which you are wearing that genuine smile of yours, rather than pouting synthetically in front of a dusty mirror. Trust me, bathroom selfies may look good (to you only!) but they’ll not get you what you want.

5. Be humorous.

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


With that being said, you’re free to present a glimpse of your funny side in either your bio or photos. Remember to not to make a fool out of yourself by being irrelevantly sarcastic. It may cost you a match!

6. Swipe Right!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


If you are a man, skip reading this point. This isn’t meant for you, as we know, you already follow this (you guys rock!). To all the ladies out there, don’t just wait for the men to present you right swipes. Take a step forward. Men know they won’t be getting every girl they find attractive. You should also adopt the same mindset. It isn’t mandatory every time for a boy to approach you. Place your bets, and let them know! Give them a chance to impress you and if they fail, well, an “Unmatch” option awaits!

7. Send a message that stands out!

10 Simple Tinder Hacks To Get You More Right Swipes


It’s great if you have got a match. But your task has just begun. If you haven’t received a text from the other end, and it’s you who is initiating, the message better be eye-catching. Even if they have texted you first, try bringing out your creative side to reply in a captivating manner.

8. Ask them out ASAP!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


Dating apps like Tinder were designed to make it easy for the people to meet. Yet, there are some who would chat about anything and everything, before asking their “matched one” out. This is silly. The smart way is to ask them out after a day or two of receiving the message. Try coffee shops as they are relatively cheap and suitable for these kind of meetups.

9. Get their number!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


As soon as you match with someone, try asking their number. But, without being weird. You can attempt by giving them your number, and may ask them instead, to add you on WhatsApp. Or if you’re too shy to ask for their digits, add them up on Facebook. This will ensure in establishing your personal connection, rather than sharing texts on an app with a bunch of unknown peeps!

10. Take it easy!

10 Tinder Hacks That Will Buy You More Right Swipes


The overflow of human emotions when someone has liked you, is understandable. But to control this is important at the same time. Don’t go on messaging one after the other. This may make you appear desperate. Be specific and reply as much as you are required to. Sometimes, you can praise how beautiful that person is, but stop doing this all of the time. This isn’t helping you, but is instead making you sound cheesy.

So, as you can see, there’s nothing extraordinary or impossible mentioned here. They are just a few simple Tinder Hacks, that are all about how creative you can be to grab the attention you seek. These may bless you with more right swipes. All you need to do is enhance the appearance of your profile, and BAM! You’re done.